Objectives and rules

Irish Horological Craft Forum – Objectives and Rules


1. The society shall be called the Irish Horological Craft Forum.


2. The objectives of the society will be to;-

  1. Promote and enhance Irish horology by sharing knowledge and information between members.
  2. Encourage the preservation and conservation of Irish heritage horological artefacts.
  3. Engage with interested parties with a view to establishing best practice guidelines for the conservation and protection of horological artefacts.
  4. Proliferate into society, knowledge and information about clocks, watches and any time-keeping devices.
  5. Encourage training schemes and the like for future generations of clock repairers, both professional and amateur.


3. There shall be two classes of Membership;

(i) Professional membership, restricted to those persons who either are established in the craft of clock or watch making and repair as a primary source of income;

Or amateur members accepted to professional status by two-thirds majority vote at a committee meeting, having demonstrated knowledge or skill of the craft

(ii) Amateur membership, which shall be open to all persons.

4.  The Committee shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasure and three ordinary members.

5. All members of the Committee shall remain in office for a maximum of three years or until they decide to retire or another member decides to stand for a position on the Committee. Then it will be proposed and seconded and voted upon at the next AGM.

6. Any member of the Society can apply for a position on the Committee except where possible the committee shall include at least two members of each class of membership.

7. It shall be the duty of every member to within reason, share information about horological matters other than commercially sensitive information, with other members for the ultimate good of Irish horology.

AGM, notices, etc.

8. All correspondence shall be by email: Notice of meetings including AGM will be at least three weeks I advance of the meeting. The committee will circularise all embers by email to notify them of any significant occurrences, developments or the like.

9. An AGM shall be held once every year. This meeting shall be held at an interval of not more than four months after the end of the financial year. Voting at an AGM shall be one vote per member, the secretary having the casting vote.

10. Any proposal for a rule change, addition, or a new rule applied or amended must be given in writing no less than fourteen days prior to an AGM with the proposers and seconders name on it.

11. Two-thirds majority of the members present must pass all proposals at the time. Proposers and seconders must be present at the AGM for their proposals to be passed. The Committee has the power to introduce new emergency/permanent rules and or rule changes it considers being in the best interests of the society.


12. The Society shall be non-profit making; income from subscriptions, gifts etc. shall be used to publicise and promote the society and fund interactions with society at large.

13. An annual subscription will be payable by all existing members at the time of the first AGM and thereafter, annual subscription dues will be payable when a new member is accepted and then, annually.

14. Whether or not an annual subscription is necessary, and the amount, will be decided upon by two-thirds majority at any AGM

15. The accounting year of the society shall commence on the day that a bank account is opened for the society by an Irish bank.

16. The treasurer shall be responsible for accounting to the committee, for all transactions including electronic transactions and shall keep clear records which will be summarised and presented to the membership at the AGM.


17. Any property including the society web-site, intellectual property of the society etc. shall remain the sole property of the society.