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All the clock repairers listed here are Professional status members of the Irish Horological Craft Forum

Clock repairers


If you need advise about clock repair, contact a qualified craftsman for an appraisal.

The IHCF code of practice is a useful guide for anyone looking for advice about clock repair because, amongst other things, it sets out the way in which a clock repairer should;-

Liaise with his (or her) client.

How and why he should provide a full assessment of the clock.

and a description of any work required and give an estimate of the cost of the work.

Raymond Farrelly

Clock repairers

Clock repairer based in Enniskillen, specialising in barometers and all types of clocks.

More information about Raymond

Austin Jordan

Clock repairers

Clock repairer and restorer based in Kilmeade, Co Kildare.

Unfortunately, Austin is too busy to take on work in the foreseeable future


Maurice Keenan clock repairs

Maurice Keenan

Experienced professional clock repairs in Carrick-on-Shannon Visit Maurices’ page for More Information

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Nigel Barnes is works in West Co. Clare. Co-author of Maintaining Longcase clocks and “Clock Cases, A practical Guide to their Construction, Restoration and Conservation”. Secretary of the Irish Horogical Craft Forum

Trained through experience and tuition

Clock repairers have learned their skills either from formal training courses or through apprenticeships. In either case,  they gradually, with the passing of years, gather experience of clocks  and the faults that clocks develop with wear in the mechanical parts.

Clock repairers recommend regular maintenance

The moving parts in clocks are designed for minimum friction but every few years the minute droplet oil of at the end of each of the spindles (clockmakers call them arbors) needs to be replaced and that oil change gives the clock repairer the opportunity to examine all the parts for wear or damage. Its best fixed before it goes too far.

Clock repairers and Conservation

Early clocks are becoming increasingly rare and a clock repairer, if he isn’t sure of the heritage value of your clock will do the necessary research before commencing any work.

Conservation of horological artefacts often means that clock repairers now have ethical obligations to enlighten their clients about the historical and heritage significance of their clocks.

For restoration or conservation always  ask a reputable clock repairer for advice: If its more about clock cases think about going to a furniture restoration or conservation specialist like or otherwise, a clock case specialist