Horological Suppliers

Here’s our page of Horological suppliers links

These are the links to horological suppliers that we think might help you find tools, spare parts, consumables, etc.

Every time a member recommends a supplier we check it and add the details to our list. So if you have any horological suppliers to recommend let us know by sending an email to the secretary info@ihcf.ie

horological suppliers

Northern Watch and Clock Supplies

A wide range of tools and parts well worth a look Click here for web-site



Horological supplies

R & N Horological

Based in London, advertise a wide range of parts and tools in a well organised and easy to use web-site.


Click here for web-site

AGThomas – Horology and Jewellery Suppliers

Horological suppliers

A famously old-established firm – this might be the one that has those difficult to find bits – fusee clock springs etc

Not the best web-site in the world but very good on the phone.




T E Laboratories Chemical supplies

T E Labs homepage

Based in Tullow, Co. Carlow.

For all those difficult to get chemicals that conservers and restorers use; Potassium Permanganate

and Potassium Dichromate for darkening woods, Industrial Methylated Spirits (Subject to authorization by Revenue Commissioners)

When ever you’re using any sort of chemicals make sure that you’ve properly read and understood the safety warnings. If you’re not sure, just telephone and ask for advice.

Click here for web-site



James Healy (Brass-Founders-Engineers) LtdJames Healy

For high carbon steel and brass bar stock, sheet, tube, shim-plate etc.

Also other materials both metallic and non-metallic.

Branches in The Ballysimon Road Industrial Estate, Limerick and also in Dublin and Cork.

The web-site is useful only as a means of contact only but the staff are always helpful. 



EP Clock Parts

EP clocks homepage

EP Clock parts provide made to measure, bespoke and stock item parts for grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, carriage clocks, bell clocks, mantelpiece clocks and much more. If you have specific requirements then clock parts can be made to order and all our clock parts can be purchased separately.

The range of parts is specialized so obviously its limited but the web-site works well http://www.epclockparts.co.uk/