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First (June) Seminar for the Alarm Clock Course


The first seminar of the 2017 Alarm Clock Course was held at the Racket Hall, Roscrea on Saturday 24th June.

Not the best turnout of students but as last year, those who attended are likely to be somewhat ahead in insights and enlightenment.

The second seminar on 5th August will focus on repair work.

BUT, to get a good grade in a course, you don’t necessarily have to complete the repair for your project clock; if you just don’t have the resources or experience, all you need to do is describe and explain the repair work.

Introduction to Pocket Watches

We have added a 40 minute session on the topic of pocket watches to the agenda for for Alarm clock course seminar which will be held at Racket Hall Roscea on  24th June 2017 at 10:00

Alarm clocks have balance wheels and hairsprings so they are a good starting point from which a learner could go up in scale to clocks or down towards watches: Pocket watches can be an easy way into watches if you get the right one.


2017 American Striking Clock Course

We are preparing a course based on the Newhaven striking clock movement that is found in countless drop dial and similar clocks that were imported in millions from Connecticut Clock Company which took over the defunct Jerome Clock co in 1850s. The course which well be multimedia internet based will commence in July or August of 2017.  Contact the secretary for details. Students taking part in this course will need basic tools and a Newhaven movement to work on but there are a few very similar clocks, Ansonia, Gilbert, etc so if you’re not sure contact the secretary.

2017 Basic Alarm Clock Overhaul Course

The 2016 course is being improved and enhanced and will be run later in 2017. A basic alarm clock is similar in many ways to a watch so it is a useful starting point for anyone considering watch repair. Students taking part in this course should find themselves and ordinary alarm clock rather than a travel alarm which might prove more difficult to work on as a first project. If in doubt contact the secretary.

2016 Basic Alarm Clock Overhaul Course

Certificates have been sent out to the successful students who completed the 2016 Basic Alarm Clock Overhaul course.

AutoCAD for escapement design 16th January 2016

Despite the icy road conditions which put a few off, the one day event was successful and those who attended left with more understanding of recoil and deadbeat escapements, how to set out designs and how invaluable AutoCAD can be in the process.

It has been suggested that there should be regular one-day information sharing sessions along the same lines.

 IHCF / Heritage Council Irish Horology Heritage Poster Revisions

The Horological Heritage poster that was released  in October 2014; contained a couple of errors which we understand will be corrected in a 2016 version.

Release of the IHCF / Heritage Council Irish Horology Leaflet

We are told that the long awaited leaflet will be released at the National Ploughing Championships on 23rd to 25th September.

Looks like a good opportunity for members and committee members to highlight the existence and objectives of the IHCF.

Results of voting at the AGM

Slightly over 60% of members voted on the various resolutions of the AGM: not as many as we would hope but on a par with Irish national and local government elections.

Changes to the committee

The committee members are now Austin Jordan (chairman), Jim Rooney (treasurer), Nigel Barnes (secretary), Tom Sheahan, Karoliina Ilmonen, Nigel Heffernan and Brendan Murtagh: Brendan will be concentrating some effort of the IHCF training policy and programme.

New professional members

Maurice Keenan and Karo Ilmonen are now professional members and their individual pages as professional clock repairers will appear in due course.

Change to the rule about applying for professional status

From now on a member may apply at any time for professional status without having to wait for the next AGM and adoption of the professional status will be decided by the committee.

IHCF at the Irish Georgian Society weekend in Limerick

Five of our members gave their support to our stand at the Irish Georgian Society annual event on 10th and 11th May.

Irish horological craft forum

This year the craft showcase was hosted by the Hunt Museum in Limerick as part of the City of Culture year.

The weather on Saturday was truly awful but Sunday was dry with a suggestion of sunshine and the event was well supported.

On the right, Nigel explains the development of timekeeping in Europe and why the units of 60 and 12 were imported from the Middle East at the end of the Crusades to the Holy Land.



Irish clock forum

On the left, Austin and Nigel explain clocks to some of the many visitors to the IHCF stand.

Apart from publicising the IHCF and talking to interested clock owners and others, we have negotiated a more formal relationship with the Irish Georgian Society.

Over the course of the weekend, the question of training was raised by several members of the public.


Web-site snags ironed out

A recent problem with the Join element has now been sorted. The problem was in a missmatch of up-dates in the various modules including the new lost password feature

Membership Recruiting

Now that the web-site is more or less usable, we’ve started to recruit members. Please circulate the address of our website to anyone you know who is interested in horology.

Heritage Council Irish Horology poster / leaflets.

We are waiting for the Heritage Council  to come back with their list of edits and clarifications. Once that’s done they can go ahead and publish the Irish horology Poster.

Irish Georgian Society Annual Showcase

ihcf news

In recent years Austin and Nigel have taken a stand at the Irish Georgian Society annual trade skills exhibition.

This year the event will be held at the Hunt Museum, Limerick on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May, to coincide with Limerick city of culture.

In past years the usual format has been a few clocks  on the stand and then just discussion about clocks. We provide information to interested members of the public in a very informal way. This year, we are proposing to take the same stand as the IHCF.

It has always proved to be a useful source of work. There is an opportunity for any professional or amateur members to join in and spend some time talking to potential customers and explaining their clocks.

Talk on the early development of time measurement and horology

IHCF News can announced that Nigel Barnes will be giving an after dinner talk at the the Kildare Street and University Club on St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

The subject is time measurement and the division of the day, and how the early clock-makers devised the now commonly accepted way of showing the progress of the days and seasons.

June 13th some time in the evening, The club is private but there are a few “special guest” places available cost is expected to be about €50 – €60 (includes dinner) contact the secretary for information info@ihcf.ie


National Ploughing Championships

The IHCF has been asked if it would like to avail of a stand in the Heritage Council marquee.

It’s all part of the Heritage Council’s  public awareness campaign and based on our experience at the Irish Georgian Society events, would potentially provide work for any of our professional members willing to attend.

September 23rd to 25th September at Ratheniska, Co Laois

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