Amateur clock projects

Do you have any amateur clock projects you’d like to share?

If you have an interesting project you’re working on, send pictures and text and I’ll upload them. BUT they have to be amateur clock projects.

Jim’s Wheel and Pinion cutting Engine

IHCF Amateur clock projects

Jim, (our treasurer) having decided to make a clock to fit a case he has, needed to make a machine to cut the wheels and pinions.

The machine utilizes the three-way motion of a morticing machine, mounted on a chassis with a small lathe. A marriage of convenience!

For pinion cutting, the arbor blank will be mounted in the lathe with a dividing plate mounted behind the headstock.

Nigel is going to turn down the 20mm diameter cutter shaft which will run in the two bearings that are visible top right in the picture (which was taken while the unfinished machine was in the back of Jim’s van). The motor and drive to the cutter arbor will be fitted and we have expectations of cutting pinions some time in the next week or so.

The cutters are not hard to make from high carbon bar steel stock of roughly 2″ diameter.

The wheel teeth and pinion leaves in early clocks are often only approximately cycloidal but for guidance on cycloidal gear design look at Hugh Spark’s website 

As  amateur clock projects go, Jim’s wheel cutting engine is quite ambitious and its another really good example of how the amateur can achieve technical excellence without the constraints of working for a living.

As the project develops we will add more pictures and construction details.


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