Horological Heritage Poster

The Horological Heritage Poster

Is a joint venture project of the Irish Horological Craft Forum and the Heritage Council of Ireland. The Irish Horological Craft Forum supplied text and pictures: The Heritage Council edited, published and distributes.

It is part of the Heritage Council’s public awareness campaign about Irish clocks, watches, sundials etc. (Collectively called Irish Horology).

horological heritage poster

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In Ireland we have a rich legacy of mechanical clocks and watches and both the Heritage Council and the Irish Horological Craft Forum are keen to protect and preserve that heritage.

The public awareness campaign about Irish clocks and watches (and sundials) is seen as an important element of the preservation of horological artefacts.

The poster of (which Heritage council owns the copyright) traces the development of time-consciousness in Ireland. From one of the few remaining monastic sundials, it traces the introduction of a Middle-eastern 12 / 60 counting system. The coincidence of that way of dividing the day coincides with the return of the crusades from the Middle-East in the late 1200s.

There is a mention of the  collection of very rare and valuable medieval clocks at Bunratty Castle.

The IHCF has set an objective of promoting training for the next generation of clock and watch-makers because there is currently no course based in Ireland.

The Horological Heritage poster is not intended to be a definitive source of information. It is a brief glimpse which may inspire inquiring minds.

For more information about Irish Horology, The Irish Horological Craft Forum is a free to join information sharing society. Most of the members are amateur clock enthusiasts Рsome are professional clock restorers. You can join by registering and then post up any questions or look for a professional clock-restorer. Follow this link to the IHCF or email the secretary Nigel Barnes, info@ihcf.ie

The Horological Heritage poster is one of several public awareness posters and leaflets that heritage Council distributes.



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